T H E   I N V I S I B L E    B E A U T Y    O F    A G E
This project involves hundreds of photographs, weeks of listening and a total of more than 2,000 years of life experience. But what all these numbers can never express are the moments that we had together. We laughed, sat together in silence and cried quietly. I have heard so many beautiful, amazing, terrible, funny and sad stories. I felt so much life. So much strength and pain and satisfaction, so much peace, loneliness and courage. There is so much to discover and learn when we listen to the elders in our society. If we dedicate a little of our fast time to them, they give us a piece of wisdom, eyewitness impressions of our own history and a lot of gratitude. 
A B O U T   L A U R A    Z A L E N G A
Laura Zalenga studied architecture and then became self-employed as a photographer in 2014. Since then, she has been creating conceptual self-portraits that have found a wide following on social networks. She photographs for clients such as Adobe, Artemide, Disney, Facebook, Huawei, Fiat, Sony, Lufthansa. Inspired by her project 1001 Strangers, she went to the other end of the photography spectrum to explore the Invisible Beauty of old Age and portrayed people aged 75 to 100 years in their homes in a documentary photo-project.

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This project was created as part of the Adobe Creative Residency program, which supports young artists for a year with a project close to their heart. A big thank you to Picanova for the high-quality exhibition prints.
The project wouldn't be what it is without the great help in design and concept from Robbin de Waij.

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